Posted by: Fern | December 4, 2008

Same Sex Marriage FTW

This is going to be everywhere today, but I don’t care, because Jack Black, Allison Janney and Neil Patrick Harris are all awesome 😀

WP is having a tantrum about embedding the video, so go here to see Prop 8 – The Musical.


  1. it’s really actually embarrassing i think. it’s overflowing with straight up fallacies….kind of obvious shairman wrote it in one day

    ex: we should vote for gay marriage because it will bring lots of money into CA?

    this isn’t even true. not in the long run. at least that’s what the CA voter guide said during the election.

  2. Ruby – Although it’s not the primary argument for allowing gay marriage, allowing gay marriage will bring in more money to the economy than not allowing gay marriage. Other than income to the wedding industry, you also have the travel industry (honeymoons etc) and of course any gifts bought for the happy couple.

    What it comes down to is that a group of people are denying another group of people their basic rights for something that they have no choice over, sound familiar? Denial of rights based on race now seems ridiculous to the majority of people, and the younger generation have no concept of it, and yet denial of rights based on gender preference, something that a person has no more the ability to chose than they do their race, is rife. To me that just isn’t something that is right.

  3. i love you, fern.

  4. Carly – I would ask you to marry me… but we can’t, boo 😛

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