Posted by: Fern | December 6, 2008

Happy/Not Happy

Making me happy:

  • I “completed” Christmas yesterday, bought absolutely everything we need, presents both boys, Dan and my niece and nephew, wrapping paper, stocking fillers and Christmas themed toilet paper… for less than $150. I had literally taken notes from the previous weeks junk mail to get the best prices on what I wanted and ended up with some awesome bargains. My Christmas budget was $250 so I’ve still got a bit of wiggle room if I see something at the last minute or if I’ve forgotten someone.
  • My totally cute and awesome new Christmas decorations that I came up with last night, the tutorial for these is here, just looking at them is making me smile.
  • Kawaii Ice Cream Christmas Decorations

  • My Mum has returned from New Zealand, woohoo!

Not making me happy:

  • My debit card being rejected repeatedly on the site that I buy my books from, despite there being enough money in my account to cover it, not helped by the snooty email response when I emailed the book company asking why this was happening.
  • Thinking that I may have over done my handmade Christmas present commitments.At least now that Mum is back I will be able to spend a bit more time working on them 🙂
  • The lack of aircon in my home, I am seriously over being hot and sticky and stinky all the time.

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