Posted by: Fern | December 14, 2008


Arnie Love

I tucked Declan into bed tonight and as I was closing the door heard him say “Nigh-night Arnie… love you“. I died, no joke, the cute was that overwhelming that it was too much to handle and I am now writing this posthumously.


  • Terrible title courtesy of my hubby, I claim no credit for that.
  • The bottom two photos were taken six months apart – the first night with the side off the cot, and the first night in a “big boy” bed. I PROMISE my son has more than one pair of pyjama bottoms, but those are his favourites (I had a hard time consoling him when it started raining and he knew they were out on the line a couple of days ago. I am not kidding here, he sat at the patio doors with his face and hands pressed against the glass and sobbed whilst yelling “OH NOOOO!!! THOMAS!!!!!!” loud enough for Perth to hear). He is very close to growing out of them, I need to buy more Thomas flannel and make him another pair.
  • I have no clear pictures of Arnie, he just shows up in the background sneakily every couple of months. I feel that this may mean that I have photographic proof that Toy Story is not actually a work of fiction. I like to think that Arnie secretly spends his nights plotting Elmo’s demise and getting stoned with Leroy Brown the lion, Vincent the elephant and Jules the giraffe.
  • Yes. I take great pleasure in naming my son’s stuffed toys.
  • I do not remember Declan being that small, or my floors being that clean, coincidence? I think not.
  • This was meant to be quick, bed is calling. Night all.


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  2. I love your picture posts of the cute!

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