Posted by: Fern | December 14, 2008

Show & Tell – Decorations and Ornaments

I am resisting the urge to write about last year’s Christmas ornament disaster (for the clickphobes – I bought a handpainted ornament for Declan last year that was beautiful, it fell from where it was hanging and smashed into 23895620936520 pieces), but for the record I am still upset about that, we picked up a replacement the day after the accident and as it was so close to Christmas they had hardly anything left and no holly, so I picked up a blue bauble decorated with a reindeer, it’s no where near as lovely as the holly one was. The stall is open again and I went back to buy a bauble for Connor and with the intention of getting another holly one for Declan with 2007 written on it. They had no holly baubles. I cried, I swore, I got over it and decided to buy some blank baubles and make my own.

Hmm, so much for not talking about it… onto my actual S&T.

Santa mosaic
This is Father Christmas, a new addition to our house he was a gift from my youngest sister and is completely awesome. Advent calendars (like stockings) aren’t as big a deal here as they are in the UK, and the main flaw (and I believe the reason they haven’t taken off) is that they are all chocolate. Chocolate + Australian summer = a river of brown goo when you open your advent window. I’d been meaning on making a felt calendar with little pockets, but have been short on time, and so my Mum pulled Santa out of her suitcase and all of my problems were solved!

He’s filled with jelly babies, and Declan is obsessed with him, every morning the first words out of his mouth now are “Ho, ho, ho!” and he’ll run to Father Christmas and asked to be picked up. We’ll count the numbers until we get to the right day and then he gets a sweetie. He spent the first couple of days hanging out around the bottom of him with the hope that he’ll get another sweet, but I think he’s worked out now that it’s only once a day, although if you walk past carrying him then he’ll make an overly dramatic lunge towards the wall in the hope of grabbing a jelly baby out of a pocket.

Unfortunately there won’t be much more Christmas in our place this year, a few bits of tinsel will probably do it, I weighed it up and decided that the festive feeling wasn’t worth spending most of the day trying to keep Declan out of the tree, or having him frustrated and upset because he isn’t allowed to play with the ornaments. The tree will be going up on Christmas eve so that we can put the presents under it and taken down on Christmas day. Scroogish? Probably. Sensible? Yes.

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  1. I love your new advent calendar. Much better than the chocolate ones. I can sympathize with you about the ornament. Yesterday I finally got around to putting up the tree. It’s a big job as I have over 200 different ornaments that I put on. I buy at least one dated ornament every year. I was showing an ornament to my husband and telling him that this was the first dated ornament we got for the tree. It is a really cute little bird house dated 1979. I hardly had that out of my mouth when he dropped the ornament on the hardwood floor – and it broke!! To say I was choled is an understatement. I had to walk away before I started the raging rant. Of course, then he had to make the big overture to fix ir and after many attempts to find some glue that wasn’t all clogged up he did repair it – but it will never be the same.

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