Posted by: Fern | December 20, 2008

The Story Of Colin The Spider

Colin The SpiderFor all those naysayers that said I would never publish a book, I would like to present my first novel, written and illustrated by yours truly. My apologies for the poor quality photos instead of scans, but please be aware that I have to protect quality work like this from people who may wish to plagiarise my wonderfulness. Such people are rife in the highly artistic circles with which I mingle.

The book is based on the true tale of Colin The Spider who resides on the fence outside our lounge window, unfortunately I can’t take any photos of the real life Colin as he only dashes out of his little hideaway when he has something in his web, and there’s no way I’m getting close enough to an arachnid to trigger the threads and make him think that there is something in there.

Colin The Spider

Colin The Spider

Colin The Spider

Colin The Spider Publishers, if you could please direct all enquiries and cheques to me via my contact page that would be wonderful, please be aware that as a very busy author I may have to PICT8304rely on my young intern to read and respond to any emails.

Of course, that’s assuming I can get him off facebook.


  1. That is the most adorable thing ever. Seriously, if spiders were that cute I wouldn’t be so terrfified of them!!

  2. What a cool spider!
    Wish I could draw like that 😉

  3. That is one cute colouring in book – and very imaginative!

  4. Love it, i’ll have 3 copies please.

    Well, im not goign to be by a computer at all tomorrow or Friday, so I wish you, Dan and the boys a very happy Christmas and a great New Year.

    Much Love

  5. James – Thank you my lovely, hope you have a fab Christmas as well! I will be sending you the first copies of my book xxx

  6. My comment here proves to you that good post stands the test of time to get noticed. ^^ I’m not a kid anymore, but your sketch & story just adorable. Have you got a publishing deal yet? I think my future kid(s) is/are going to love you… ha.. keep it up!

    P/S: Love the 4 cups of cocoa/tea part… I just hope Colin has the stomach big enough for it. *wink*

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