Posted by: Fern | March 9, 2009

No, Really, I Am Alive

Long story short: Two months of hell, my sewing machine exploded leaving me with only my laptop to make me happy, my laptop then exploded. Then, just to rub things in, we got evicted. Lets just say the last couple of months haven’t been so sweet.

I am focusing on the positives, we are all mostly in a state of good health (my mental health not withstanding), I have a bodgied up desktop now that I can get online with, despite it not having photoshop and not being able to find our installation discs, the move to a new home will allow us to have a fresh start, and my sewing machine being taken back to the dealer has allowed me to reconnect with my old, tired and abused Brother machine, Bessie.

Declan is now officially two, growing like a weed and eating like a rhino, assuming rhinos are obsessed with peanut butter and “tiny teddies”. He counts to 20, says the alphabet, recognises most colours and is still fixated with Thomas The Tank Engine and Roary The Racing Car. The first words out of his mouth every morning when he calls out from his bedroom are “Muuuuuuummy, where are you? Oh Daaaaaddy?”, I’m not one for smiling in the mornings, but that gets me close. He is absolutely in love with his little brother and has just taken to “reading” to him, sitting next to him with a book in his lap and telling him the story from memory.


Connor is just about to turn six months old (holy crap, where did that go?!) and just started eating solids less than a week ago.  He’s very similar to Declan in that he doesn’t want anything to do with blended or mushed food, but wants chunks he can feed himself with, what did I do wrong to end up with two stubbornly independent children? He’s not really interested in getting around, but he’s quietly calculating and seems more interested in just letting it all sink in before he dives into the whole mobility thing. Declan has always been very out there with everything he’s feeling and everything he’s taking in, Connor likes to just sit back, watch and then make his move. He is also completely in love with his brother, I’m curious to see whether their good relationship will keep up once he can move and Declan can’t pick and chose what toys he’s given or when they interact with each other.

DSCF2111 Not too much to report on Dan, he’s still a bit mental, doesn’t shave often enough and smells kinda funny. On the upside though, I gave him a buzz cut a couple of weeks back and finally god rid of that bloody hair, he’s still getting used to it, but I think it looks great. This does mean that he needs to keep his beard trim though as there are rules about having longer hair on your face that on your head.

Declan and Connor are still obsessed with Dan and worship him in everyway, whereas I’m the grumpy one that feeds them, changers the nappies and puts Declan in time out when he’s feral. On the plus side of this, when Declan does get a telling off from Daddy, he knows it’s pretty bad.

DSCF2305 And me… lets say that no sewing machine and no computer makes Fern a dull girl, I have taught myself to knit, read a couple of books and boxed up lots of baby clothes. I’m not really coping with having to move, so I am just completely ignoring it and trying to pretend it’s not happening. Denial is my friend in this instance.

I joined a playgroup at the start of the new school term and have made some new friends (as has Declan) so that’s been fun. I’ve also been bashing around some ideas of starting to sell stuff I make again, possibly more so at markets than online. So that should get me out and about with people, but we need to decide where we’re living before I get too involved in that.

I finally have a referral to see a surgeon to get the lump on my head removed (which this photo illustrates so beautifully), part of me is chuffed about it, another part of me is wondering whether that’s actually my brain just growing in the wrong spot, or a conjoined twin or something. I also have a recomendation to an audiologist to get my hearing looked at, and I’m looking at going onto either a more effective med or a higher dose of the zoloft, I’m currently doing my best at running up enough medical bills for the whole family, go me!

So that’s it for me… did I miss anything in the last two months?



  1. you make beautiful children, Fern 🙂
    sorry to hear it’s been a hectic few months, hopefully a change of venue will reign everything in.. where are you thinking of moving to? still the same area?
    hope you’re doing ok, hun.

  2. I did worry about where you had disappeared to but just thought it might be me instead with far too much time to spend on the internet before baby number two arrives! I hope the move goes ok and things settle down a little!

  3. sorry for all the crap that’s been happening lately Fern, but that just means the rest of the year should be smooth sailing! Boys are as cute as ever and I can’t believe Connor is already 6 months. Seriously that is insane!

  4. Hey you!! So sorry to hear about the stress of the last few months, but really glad to hear you are at least alive. I can’t believe how big the boys are. Wow!

    So, my NYE resolution was to stop being such a flake and I’ve stuck to it so far. Yay! With that in mind, I found a shortcut from my side of town to yours. How about I come pick you up sometime and we have a girls day out? You can bring the kids if you want. Also, Charm is coming up in a few weeks and we talked about getting together. Would love you to come along.

    And, also again…I’ve been knitting up a storm and was also thinking about selling at the markets. You and I talked about doing it before. I’m still interested if you really want to do it. Drop me an email, call or come chat on msn.

    I miss you!!! xx

  5. *huggggggg*

    Welcome back. What a crap few months! Brighter ones on the horizon?


  6. What a great catch up post! Doesn’t seem like you have been away at all now. Good luck on choosing a new place to live.

  7. Hey you.

    I made my NY Resolution to keep in contact with old friends. And you dissapearing for so long nearly spoilt it! 🙂

    Hope everythig is going slightly better for you now. Bit of a rubbish few months for you really.

    I am convinced it is your brain growing too fast for your head, you should sell yourself to science.


  8. […] back online, woohoo! My life has entered its own little personal hell, in the last two months (personal blog post here if anyone is interested) but now I have the interwebs and connections to all my online friends and […]

  9. welcome back Fern! I was wondering how you are. It’s so good to hear from you again 🙂 xx

  10. Welcome back Fern, you have been missed!

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