Posted by: Fern | March 11, 2009

Anyone Know Where I Can Get Some Toddler Sized Tupperware?

Dan watched Declan and his little friend from next door for the morning whilst my neighbour and I went to Spotlight and did some grocery shopping. Dan, by the sounds of it, did very well with the two boys. He had threatened to put up the playpen, throw a toy in there and then stream the ensuing fight over the internet, insisting that by the time we returned he would have enough money to buy his own island and a gold plated pony, but somehow managed to resist.

Today as Connor and I returned with the shopping, Declan was helping me unpack, which basicly consists of him emptying all the bags item by item to make sure he approves of what I bought “Ohh, cheese! okay… CEREAL! yes!… “mushrum”… oh no… “Strawferberry”! Toast! “Peabutter”! JUICE!!!” his little brain goes into overload and he ends up requesting a plate of nutrigrain, strawberry fruit bars, cheese and raisins with a side of peanut butter on toast.

Halfway through this gargantuan meal he looked up at me with a chin smothered in peanut butter, realising that his Dad not in the room (he was outside battling with a redback that has made our bin his home) and says “Hey, where’s Dan?”.

I seriously want my little baby back, not this being knows what he wants, has opinions and think it’s hilarious to call us by our actual names. I’m still not ready for him to be a little boy yet. Time to shrink wrap him and keep him under the sink to stop him growing I think.

The world is his oyster



  1. Hahah, I guess Declan and I have something in common because when I come home from shopping I get super excited about all the new food and want to try one of everything too 😉
    And calling you by your first names… so grown up! I keep forgetting that babies grow up! It’s a weird notion right now. xx

  2. hey Fern! So glad to see you blogging again! I was sorry to hear about your eviction and other troubles, I hope everything starts to look up for you.

    I know just what you mean with wanting to preserve their babyness. I still want to do that with Jordan every day and he is almost 13!

  3. That is an amazing picture. Look at the freedom of the little lad.

  4. you have agreat skill in capturing the essence of childhood love DadXX

  5. Hi – just stumbled on across your blog – most enjoyable. I know that feeling of wanting them not to get big very well, but I am here to tell you that they continue to be delightful. My Declan is nearly 14 and utterly wonderful company (if smelly and a bit grunty these days), and he continues to express delight at the contents of my shopping bags. Only these days, he’ll actually put stuff away … if asked and you get him in just the right mood!

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