Posted by: Fern | March 18, 2009


I could so easily turn this entire blog into “Stuff My Slightly Nutty Toddler Said” , today’s gem came whilst Declan was playing with our old house phone that now lives in his toy box.

“Hello?? Uh huh…. yep… polar bears… yeah, green and blue… yep.. no wombats! Okay… Get set… GOOOO! Yep. Bye Puppy!”

Conclusion? My son is heading a covert operation to bring down those lesser known multicoloured polar bears, he’s confirming the details of the next ambush with Secret Agent Puppy and reminding him not to trust those damn wombats after the last fiasco when they relied on intelligence from them and it turned out to be a diversion tactic to allow the polar bears to steal a tank and invade France.

Same son is now walking around the lounge with Connor’s bucket hat balanced on his head, waving his arm around and yelling “Yeehaa Cowboys!”. This is probably the second week of the completely out of the blue cowboy obsession, so far pans, boxes and saucepan lids have all become cowboy hats whilst he waves his imaginary lassoo in the air. It;s very cute, but I’m completely stumped as to where it came from, we have no cowboy books, no shows that he watches have anything to do with them and he doesn’t have any toys relating to them. I also kind of miss the pirate obsession that this replaced, watching your toddler limp around squinting with one eye and saying “YARRR!!” is a special kind of awesome.

We’re just about to head out to the Doctors, Dan’s fairly convinced that he’s got whooping cough (and to his credit, he does sound pretty rough!)  and I just noticed yesterday that Connor is starting to develop thrush so I need to grab some antibiotics for him.

Sleeping Babe

I have been slaughtering virgins and worshiping every deity that I’m aware of in the hope that my big sister has a baby girl, I have accepted the fact that I am predisposed to having little boys, so I’m going to have to live vicariously through Kate. I think Connor will be happy if Kate’s babe does turn out to be a girl,as much as he rocks that bow, I’m not sure that pink is entirely his colour.
Real Men Wear Pink

Busy week this week, I have a paid focus group tomorrow (LOVE them!), Friday Dan’s got the kids for the night whilst I go out drinking with Charm and Morgan, then Saturday is my neighbours son’s first birthday party. It’s like a months worth of activity for me packed into three days!



  1. We have you for the entire night? And you’re drinking?! Woooo!!! I’m looking forward to Friday even more now. x

  2. About time you had some “girl” time!

    Boy is this grandmother glad you are back, I missed your photos of my babies.

    Gar Gar said to tell you boys can wear pink, but not by way of ribbons in their hair! (I know you said you had two boys for a reason Fern – but no need to encourage it!!, hehehe…………….

  3. I don’t know what Declan was on but I think you’re on something stronger! lovely to see the pics Dad XXX

  4. Connor is getting so big! Haven’t stopped by in awhile but am glad to see you are still blogging. Haven’t seen you around the March Mom boards lately. Hope to see you soon!

  5. Thanks Angela – I’ve been flat out lately, hope your boys are well!

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