Posted by: Fern | March 27, 2009

Magic Fonty Magicalness

I think the lack of blogging lately has been a combination of two things – twitter has left me unable to write more than 140 characters on any one subject, and I have lost the ability to actually create relevent and SEO worthy post titles.

I am working out a new design and new direction for Not Nigella at the moment – it’s all very exciting, I’m even thinking about video blogging, but as that would involve setting up a camera, cleaning up a 5 foot area of room behind me and wearing clothes that aren’t accesorised with vomit or toddler snot… I’m still a little in the air about it. So instead I’m concentrating on the important things, like developing a theme with a photo of me right in the middle of the header, because I know that really that’s what the internet is missing, humongous photos of me.

I was hunting around for a nice handwriting font to use in the new layout, I love typography, browsing through fonts, picking just the right one for a project and avoiding Comic-Sans as best as I can (I used it for some applique last week and I’m still not happy about it!). But I’ve never made my own font, never even looked into it to see what it would entail, that is until today. I found a link to YourFont via PeeHaa Blog (I use one of her papercut PS patterns in my new header) to make your own font using your handwriting. I will admit, I printed out and filled in the template sheet with some sceptism, but after seeing it typed up I am well chuffed with how it looks. (I did have to play a little with the kerning to get it just right (or write, hahaha, I crack me up!), but other than that it’s a perfect copy of my handwriting.

The sheet (signature removed to avoid any nutters doing whatever nutters may do with my signature.):
Font Sheet

The resulting font:
Handwriting Font Sample

Very awesome. I’m already thinking what doodly fonts I could make up with the site. It would also be an awesome tool for keeping track of your school age kid’s changing handwriting as they learn and develop it, doing it every six months or so and then saving the resulting font to your computer would be a sweet little keepsake.

I of course will be using it to save time handwriting out all those thank you notes for the flowers, gifts and nudes that internet stalkers (the likes of Rhys) send me!



  1. I have now found something else to guarantee I will not be getting any work done today! Your font looks brilliant!

  2. Thanks

  3. Okay, now that’s just cool! I just made one of my handwriting and may just have to be a copy cat and post it to my blog too. So fun!

  4. “I of course will be using it to save time handwriting out all those thank you notes for the flowers, gifts and nudes that internet stalkers (the likes of Rhys) send me!”

    HA! It’s not stalking if it’s encouraged!!!! 😛

  5. Love it!
    It really does look just like a handwritten note.

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