Posted by: Fern | April 3, 2009

Boys Really Will Be Boys

My brain is still struggling to come up with full sentences, so instead have a video of yesterday’s toddler amusement. Taking all the back cushions off my sofa, all the blankets and all the cushions he can find – he would have brought in the duvet from our bedroom if it hadn’t have been such hard work for him to lug through the house. Covering the floor of my entire computer/sewing room in them, then leaping off the sofa. In the video it’s one of his less extreme “steps”, but yesterday morning he did a full on belly flop onto them. I vaugely remember doing something similar with a pile of cushions at the bottom of the stairs, guess I’m grateful with live in a bungalow because who knows what schemes he would come up with if there were stairs involved!

I kind of want to say to him, we have hundreds of dollars worth of toys and a telly that seemingly streams 24 hour Dora and Sesame Street, so why the cushions? I know I would much rather him doing this than stuck in front of the telly, but sometimes I just really want to tell him to go and do a jigsaw or any other task where I don’t have the phone in my hand with 000 on speed-dial.

Whilst I’m at it, have another video of Declan tickling Connor, and then showing off his battlewounds from a recent fight with a door. Oddly enough caused by just walking along and tripping as opposed to climbing it or doing anything else than may go through his over-active toddler mind.



  1. Ahh! The joys of being a toddler!!!!

  2. what a great relationship between the boys. and how huge is Connor? He’s going to be even bigger than Declan! Tell Dan to get his discipline in before he’s 12 or he does’nt stand a chance.
    I just hope both boys decide to play rugby for England. Some chance! Love Dad

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