Posted by: Fern | April 4, 2009

Breaking His Mother’s Heart One Day At A Time

Caterpillar Softie

I was hit by a shot of inspiration this morning, doing something completely unrelated to sewing, caterpillars and Eric Carle, I was suddenly overwhelmed with the urge to make a Hungry Caterpillar softie.

I would have probably got it finished within Declan’s nap if I hadn’t have messed up my first one. I tend to be more of a “draw a rough outline on some fabric, close your eyes and cut” kind of pattern maker and my first attempt wasn’t too successful, so I had only just finished sewing up the stuffing gap on my second caterpillar when Declan woke up from his nap.

“Oooo, snake!”
“Try again, who does he look like?”
“A snake.”
“One morning the warm..”
“the warm sun came up and…”
“Yep, and out of the egg came a very tiny and very hungry…”
“That’s right, so who does this look like?”
“A snake!”

Head meet brick wall. I was completely disheartened, convinced that my caterpillar was so terrible that even the child who can recite the entire book from beginning to end couldn’t recognise it, the boy who probably hears me read that book to him about ten times a week, he didn’t have a clue. I did the embroidery to add the segments and he was still convinced it was a snake, not even the antennae were helping. Right up until I added the eyes, it was like a brick hit him and he clicked who it was. as soon as those bright yellow bits of felt were on it. Nutty child.

If you’d like to take a look at some basic instructions on making your own caterpillar softie, I have posted them over on CraftBlog: Caterpillar Softie Tutorial.



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  3. […] crafty life. She also writes for CraftBlog and her site sports a host of tutorials. Check out her story about the caterpillar she made for her […]

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