Posted by: Fern | April 5, 2009

An Equation Most Parents Should Be Familiar With

1 batch of burnt CupCakes and four year old sprinkles

+ 1 overly enthusiastic toddler (“CUPCAKES FOR ME! SPRINKLES!! YES!!!”)

+ very poor supervision
(for the record, no idea what happened with the photo, but his hair is not that ginger!)

= some somewhat over-topped cupcakes

Some cupcakes with fairly significant finger dents left in them – that’s assuming you can find one of the ones that hadn’t been decorated, licked clean and then re-iced

and a particularly grotty face

Somedays I really dislike my job, somedays I love every minute of it, today was certainly the latter.



  1. Hey – it’s a well known fact that they’re only really into cakes for the icing!

  2. LOL!! I can totally relate to this. Had a similar situation with yesterday at my place with my little ones wanting to decorate cookies in sprinkles, chocolate buttons and silver balls. 🙂

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