Posted by: Fern | April 10, 2009

Cue Headless Chicken In…3..2..1

In the next 24 hours I have to:

  • Clean my entire house to Mother In Law Standard (aka code red)
  • Finish a quilt for my upcoming niece/nephew – the piecing is done so I just have sashing, basting, quilting and binding left to do. Was thinking of some either embroidery or applique, but hah, that really isn’t going to happen.
  • Walk down the road to Aldi and get some food for our impressively bare cupboards
  • Do enough laundry to last me and both the boys for six days away
  • Write a couple of posts to schedule on CraftBlog so it won’t lose the rather nice traffic spurt it’s been having lately
  • Do the homework for Darrens 31DTBBB that I am already behind on so I will only have six days to catch up on when I get back instead of 10!
  • Run around like a headless chicken whilst trying to control my son who has just figured out how to work the computer and the ti-faux to play nursery rhymes and Roary The Racing Car 24/7.

The worse part of all this?

I have no milk. No milk means no coffee. No coffee means this list doesn’t look very likely to be completed.


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