Posted by: Fern | May 25, 2009

And The Beat Goes On

Tomorrow we hit fourteen days in the new house. It feels like we’ve been here a decade and have just been super slack unpacking. Yesterday I managed to sort out the majority of the toys, on Thursday (my next day off) I’m hoping to get the office sorted out and then the final thing will be the sewing and craft stuff – because you know once I have access to my sewing machine again then not much is going to get done! I have a list about a mile long of things I want to work on, quilt for my soon to be arriving nephew and another for Dan’s Cousin’s not so soon to be arriving baby, and a bag so I can go to work with a grownup bag instead of carting around Declan’s dinosaur bag.

Work is going great, I’m amazed at the amount of Poms coming into the store, it’s been great to talk to people from ‘the old country’, I even heard a customer saying to her friend the other day “That’s the girl from Bath!”, maybe I’m not quite as forgettable as I thought 😉 So far I’m really enjoying it, missing the kids like crazy, but the staff discount on Frazzles and Scottish Tablet takes the edge off that.

With not much else left to say, and a bus to go and catch, I shall leave you with this week’s daily snapshots, featuring the aforementioned Frazzles, my sulky toddler and a macro of Dan’s nostrils.

Daily Snapshot Week 2


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