Posted by: Fern | June 16, 2009

Time To Say Goodbye

Daily Snapshot 26-6-2009

This is me.

Declan got stuck into a bit of drawing this morning and was very proud to show me this portrait. He pointed out Mummy’s eyes, Mummy’s mouth (I’m angry apparently, in most of his pictures Mummy is either angry or sad… I promise I’m not QUITE that unstable!), Mummy’s hair, nose, and tumor.

The “tumor” is the large lump on my forehead, best shown in this picture, that everyone glances at and won’t actually mention until I mention it first, usually met with  them telling me that they’ve been dying to ask what the hell the large forehead growth that I’m sporting is. Dan and I refer to it as a tumor, so that whenever it comes up in conversation I can put my best Austrian accent on and say “IT”S NOT A TOOMAR!”. The sheer amusement we get from this is probably the primary reason that Dan and I were destined to be with each other. It really isn’t a TOOMAR, it’s just a cyst that I developed when I was pregnant with Declan that I’ve been putting off getting removed.

Declan loves the tumor, he’s even rewritten songs just for my benefit, “Eyes and ears and mouth and tumor” is now a Treacy standard, if he’s giving the family high fives then the tumor gets one all for itself, and he has now decided to immortalise it in his artwork in the form of a large squiggle in between my eyes.

You know how I was putting off getting it removed… suddenly it seems so much more urgent, it’s crossed from cute into “kinda creepy” territory. Give it a couple more months and I can see him getting really attached, naming it and asking to take it into preschool for show and tell.


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