My Life

I am Fern Treacy, or sometimes Fern Brassington, a twenty-something stay at home mum, originally from England, but now living in a land down under with my very tall and hairy husband, Dan, our hyperactive son, Declan and our 3 inch cactus, Jeremy.

Declan arrived a few weeks earlier than planned on the 19th of February, 2007. I’m a stay-at-home, breastfeeding, cloth nappy-ing, baby-led-weaning, less crunchy and more “al-dente” mum.


I run my own business creating and selling blankets, accessories and modern cloth nappies for hip kids and babies. Feel free to check out my store if you’re looking for a gift for a new parent or new baby in your life!

I crochet everyday, I cook (properly) when I find the time, I sew whenever I can get the baby to sleep more than half an hour.I’m trying my hardest to become a domestic goddess and learning that Nigella I certainly am not 😉

Sites I Frequent

  • 07moms.com – a closed forum for mums with babies born in 07, you need approval to join, just make a note that Fern sent you 🙂
  • Flickr – needs no explanation!
  • Big Huge Labs – loads of excellent tools for flickr users.


  1. I just love reading your blog. Although I thought I’d confess that being here in the US, I had no clue that Nigella was actually someone famous. I seriously thought that your name was Nigella and that your blog title was sort of a play on the phrase ‘Not Me’.

    Anyway, now that I have that cleared up in my little mind, I will stop wondering where you got such an unusual name. ;o)

  2. So, I’m looking at a Giger postcard in my studio when I think, what the fuck happened to that lovely girl Fern? Oh yeah, she did the same thing as I did and buggered off to some foreign digs, and got herself up the duff. Actually, I didn’t get up the duff, my daughter did-I just got two moggies-someday’ kids would be a ‘wok-in-da-pak’.

    So Ferny, I can tell you’ve been-ahem-busy-do they not have birth control down under? Should I rephrase that? Bloody hell, Declan looks the spit of you. Anyway, we miss you and still wish we’d wandered into that cafe you used to work at that time in 03. Write and stay in touch young ladyx

  3. Hi Fern.
    I am Beverley Brady and the great great grandaughter of Francis FERN from Brassington . He was my mother’s mother’s grandfather. I think there is a very strong liklihood we are distantly related if Fern has been pinched from a family name.. I am also living down under in Western Australia near Albany. in the south west. Was dragged here kicking and screaming with my two sisters by my parents ,when I was 11. Apparently quite a few of our rellies had already come!.
    Best thing ever though. . I’m pretty much an Aussie but the English roots are still deeply embedded.
    I am a 57 and I’ve been a Police Officer for 30 years but like you I am an avid knitter sewer and quilter and I also cook real food. We still have our parkin and roast beef and yorkshire pud on sundays.. So these skills seem genetically intrenched. I have two daughters aged 7 and 26 (big gap but different dads).

    Thought it would be nice to touch base..
    PS definately know who Nigella is.
    Have resorted to many of her recipes when Ii felt like being a slob for the day!
    Yeay comfort food and a good dvd!

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