Just incase you’re interested, here are the archives of the previous layout designs on NN.

June – Gabus Galore


Just a header change this month – I was working on limited resources! The image is of three “Gabu” creatures crocheted in my own hand dyed yarn, thank you to Roxycraft for the awesome pattern. Check it out, I finally have a new photo of me!

May – Added Dot Com!


Celebrating the transfer from being a lame sub-domain to a fully fledged dot com, with a purple haired image of how I would like to be, this has been my absolute favourite layout so far.

April – My Aussie Boy

April Layout

Ack, three months of forcing readers to look at pictures of my son, anyone would think that this is a mummy blog! Photo credit goes to Jen for the lovely picture of my boy. Note how I still haven’t changed the now ancient photo of me in the sidebar! I think it’s for fear that I may never look that good ever again.

Feb/March 2008 – It Was A Very Good Year


Made to celebrate Declan’s first birthday, using photos of him from the previous year. I lost my links with the computer change so if you have any idea where the paper design is from, please let me know so I can give the proper credit.

January 2008 – Nipple Ball


Using an extreme close up of one of Declan’s favourite toys and a dyno label tool 😀

December 2007 – Christmas Wishes

December Layout

Made using paper and alpha from the “Wonderland” kit on Atomic Cupcake, and using the excellent falling snow javascript that had for the holidays. Unfortunately I didn’t get anything on my list 😦

November 2007 – NaBloPoMo

November Layout

Using design elements from the Shabby Princess‘ “Urban Kiwi” set.


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